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A girl who is born to fangirl.
From Turkey. Currently at her 21 but time is cruel thing so everybody goes old and forgets to edit this post. Hopefully I don't forget it... Not sure of it.
A lonesome person who doesn't have much friends. Feel free to write me, you are always welcomed~
Likes literature and likes reading. Well actually likes a lot of things...
Basicly, a new fan of Arashi. An old fan of Scandal, LiSA, supercell.
I am in love with Sawano Hiroyuki and Yuki Kajiura. They are excellent composers and I really love to listen their works.
I love Jpop and somehow I listen synphonic metal but not really my taste... probably...
I love shiny thing and smiles.
I aim to became a highschool literature teacher. Maybe I teach my students about Arashi who knows? *lol*
Eventhough my livejournal pic belongs to Nino my ichiban is MJ aka Matsumoto Jun. I mean... Really... Can anybody dislike this sweet creature? Well of course they can but please, I love him. Really. So don't talk bad about him, please? *lol*
I also love other Arashi members a lot. Sometimes I lost who is my ichiban but I eventually go back to MatsuJun lol.
I love Arashi songs but I especially like Arashi's ballad song. Or accoustic.
I don't hate Kpop but I don't really like listening. Although I listened some songs or watched some dramas I have no interest in Korea. And yes I watched Boys Over Flowers and I literally hate it. #sorrynotsorry Japanese version is much better for my taste. *nope it doesnt because of MatsuJun, ok, ok, its because of him*
I have been studying Japanese for like 9 years. Not really mastered in it but if you are looking for someone to speak Japanese I can gladly accept! I love Japanese so much!! 
I also write my own stories but not really fan relatedly. But maybe I can try a fanfiction in future? I think I can add my masterpost now... I didn't remember that fanfiction thing can be so enjoyable *lol*

Well I can't think of anything more but don't hesitate to ask! Eventhough I don't know what to share in livejournal I am quiet online and everybody are welcomed \(≧▽≦)/

A little edit; I realized that I haven't posted my real name in here or anywhere but its not really because of I want to hide my name lol My name is Irmak but it is somehow hard to pronounce for non-Turkish people basically because of some linguistic problems so I use Yukina on the net which is because I really love that name. I really love that name and it is written by all hiragana within me *lol I love this name so much* 

Love from ゆきな~

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