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So I was digging my files while looking for old videos and I find there Arashi-san's One Love performence on one of those music programs. The quality was terrible again but I still love especially that performence. It was quiet amusing since I am now officially 1 year old fan.
One Love live performence was my first video when I first knew Arashi. I was an anime watcher and didn't had any interest in drama or movie at all but after watching HanaDan and knowing about MatsuJun I just followed him to Arashi. 
I still clearly remember my first impressions about them. First I was trying my best to identify MatsuJun among them and after I found him on the screen I could finally focus the other members. Then Ohno came up. He was the most recognizable one when he started singing. I remember my thoughts "wow! He is so good. He must be the leader of something." And he was really the leader!! 
Then I watched Himitsu no Arashi-chan SP episode where leader go Sho's and Nino's room. Nino was the second member I learned as fast as MatsuJun. As he asked "Lets decide who leader loves the most," I thought he was the most mischievous person among them. 
Aiba and Sho were the last ones that I learned about. So I think I didn't had any big impressions for them lol #sorrynotsorry
And being now, I think I didnt really had wrong impression about them at all. Being now I am really glad that I started to watch them. 
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