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September 2017

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I am tired. From life and from a lot of things. The only thing that I am still not tired of is Arashi but thats not the problem right now.

I yearn for friends you know, I just want friends. I am not craving for a boyfriend or lover or something like that. And thats the exact reason why I messaged one certain person but I cant name him. Nope. Thing go like this and that and now I am having so much pressure because I don't want to be his lover, because I reject him and just wanted to be friends. So why the hell he is still waiting for me to fall for him? It makes me feel guilty and it makes me distance myself. And I like him so much on the category of friend. Maybe I still couldn't forget my ex...

My life is leading to shit with the school things so I am not clearly sure what to do since I am stuck.

Well really the useless things on my life.

The only thing which is good so far is I finally decided what to write for Nino's fanfic. Still not have a clear plot but fuck it.


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