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Title: Magic
Pairing: Ninomiya Kazunari x Aoyama Misaki (OC)
Rating: General
Genre: Fluff
Multi chapter.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own anything about Arashi. Only the plot is mine.
Summary: After a tiring day, what makes him relaxed? A beer and a smile. He wasn't aware of anything, when he went to the bar named Hanafuya. The first time he met the owner, unconsciously he knew that nothing will be the same.

A/N: Comments are welcomed! English is not my native language so I apologize for my mistakes!!

Chapter 3 - No one knows

As Misaki watched Ninomiya climb the stairs of Hanafuya she sighed with a lot of emotions. She wasn't sure which one was the main. Regret? Relief? Maybe she should pretend that she didn't know him, that would be more easy to go on. But she couldn't. She knew that she can never do that.

Because he was Misaki's savior.

She leaned the bar counter as she looked where he sat just now. Her life wasn't easy and there was no way that he could know that. But still she was feeling in dept to him. Misaki had a difficult life from the very beginning. Her father was an alcoholic and her mother was always away from home, working for money to keep them alive.

She remembered her lonely childhood days again. It was not for long though. She was 6 when Misaki had a brother. She was happy that she finally have someone beside her. She loved her mother, her father and her brother. She loved her brother so much and she looked after him for whole 4 years until their parents got divorce.

Her mother wanted to take her with her brother but she refused since her father couldn't stay alive if there is no one with him. Her mother tried so much but eventually she gave up and moved to another city with her brother Fuku.

She still loved them and keep in touch with them until they decided to move her grandmothers place from his father line. They moved to Tokyo. They lived with that tough old lady until her death. Her father quit drinking thanks to her and she taught Misaki to how to cook since she had her own restaurant once. She had her place but now that she was old there was no way she could run it. The restaurant named Hanamichi once was a quiet popular place but since Tokyo continued getting bigger and bigger it was now on not really used place. Her grandmother once took her to the building telling her that place was Misaki's birthday present. She presented it to Misaki one year before her death.

Her grandmother died when she was 14. Her grandmother was old but that didn't make her death easy for Misaki.

Then her father died when she was 20. He suffered lung cancer for whole one year. His treatment was hard but he never complained about anything to Misaki. He never wanted anything special. He just accepted everything. But one time, he wanted to watch TV with Misaki. They turn on the TV and her father choose a random show from it. Even now, she didn't remembered the programs name but she remembered everything clearly. That a person come out with a big black ball and talked about anything and everything. She remembered laughing so hard on that persons talk. He said, whenever he gets misunderstood as a magician he always goes with that flow. She thought it was so amusing. And on that moment her father apologized from her for the first and last time.

"I have never seen this laugh of you Misaki," told her father. She looked him with surprise. "I am not a good father after all. I couldn't make my precious daughter laugh like this. I love you so much Misaki, I am sorry to be a person good for nothing," She tried to stop him, tried to tell him that he was a good father but nothing but tears came out. She hugged him strongly. He continued to talk while rubbing her hairs. "Be happy my dear. Find a man who can make you smile like that. Don't be sad over my dead body. I am not worth to your sadness. I always loved you and will forever."

Those were his last words. Her father lost his consciousness soon after this speech and died in two days.

She did her best to live. She worked with everything with she had for one year, in every part-time she could get and saved money enough to open Hanamichi with a new name as Hanafuya.

After that one year she opened her own restaurant on the day her grandmothers death and decided the new places special dish as Takoyaki which was her fathers favorite dish. She always treat her first comer customers with takoyaki from the very first day. First couple of months were hard but everything went smoothly. Before she could even realize Hanafuya gain so much regular customers and in a blink of a eye Hanafuya became 4 years old restaurant. And the last year was so good to her with the presence of Fuku.

Fuku found her after coming to Tokyo for university. They were living on the small house which is upstairs, together. Fuku was grew fine and good natured boy and Misaki felt really proud with him. He even got accepted to Tokyo University teachers college. She found out that her mother was married again with a retired teacher and Fuku seemed to respect him.

Her life seemed perfect after happening so many things. She gave a deep breath and fixed her posture. There was nothing she could do anymore. She looked her restaurant, then turned the last lights off. Her one day is finally came to a end.


Looking to his DS his mind wandered off while his fingers kept pushing buttons. His DS worked silent and his fingers moved knowingly. He clicked his tongue when he died at the same point again.

"Nino, are you alright?" He heard Aiba as he started poking his face between him and his DS.

"Yes, why?" he asked as if nothings wrong.

"You died on the same place for the third time," Sakurai Sho said looking carefully to his face.

"Its normal to die in one place for the third time actually, there are games that you can die on the same place for hundred times," he explained while pressing the DS sleep button and putting his DS away.

"Its not normal since we are talking about you, you know? And it gets weirder since you just put your DS away," said MatsuJun by lifting his single eyebrow.

"Did you eat something weird?" Ohno asked while poking his stomach with his finger. Nino pushed away his hand, thinking about eating made him sigh.

"Or did you lost your money somewhere?" Aiba asked amusing with the situation.

"No, I didn't. Why the hell are you guys so concerned about me?" He said looking them suspiciously.

"We care about you man, just stick with it," MatsuJun said while laughing a little.

"Just go with it and tell us what happened," Sho put his book away and looked him curiously.

"If I tell will you shut up?"

"It depends on the situation," Sho said honestly.

"And I know you won't..." he sighed again. He needed to tell someone about the incident. "Well whatever. I will tell. Yesterday I went to a bar for having some beer. Since I was on my own car, I drive really strange places," he paused for a breath. Strange was not the exact word to describe for the Hanafuya but it was the first word that came into his mind. Then Aiba interrupt him.

"Don't tell me you went to a Maid cafe like an otaku? Nyan nyan~" He started laughing hard. Nino smack his head.

"Shut up you idiot!" He snapped at him but everybody was laughing too. "I went to a totally normal bar where you can sit and eat totally normal things!"

"Sorry sorry! Then?" said Aiba as trying to suppress the laughter.

Nino looked at him narrowing his eyes, "And then I sat there ordering only a beer. Then the owner -well I don't know if she was the owner but she treat me a takoyaki dish, saying that she was doing it for every first time comers."

MatsuJun interrupted him. "Isn't that good for you? You love free food."

"Well I love free things but thats not the problem now."

"Then what is the problem?" Ohno asked this time.

"I was drunk. And the owner seemed to recognized me." He said finally not even trying to deepen the conversation.

"What?" Sho said seriously. "This is bad. If the girl talks magazines go crazy."

"I was just drunk. I didn't do anything at all. I didn't even tried to take my own car and went back with taxi," he tried to defend himself.

"Well at least nothing bad happened," Ohno said understandingly.

"Then I went back again to there this morning, to take back my car. I was already sure about that she called for paparazzi. But she didn't." He said sighing. "I met with her again this morning and she even cooked breakfast for me... She said she won't sell over her customers."

"You can never be sure," Sho said strongly.

"But she seems like a good person," Aiba said calmly.

"She seemed okay to me too," Ohno said agreeing to Aiba. "If she were to sell you, I think she would do it when you were there drinking."

"I think like that too..." he sighed pulling his hairs from his forehead.

"Was she a fan of you?" MatsuJun asked calmly trying to deepen the conversation. He can see that Nino was shaken with something.

"I asked that too, she said no. She said she knew Arashi but she also said that she had no time for watching TV and such... Actually she wasn't lying. When I went to restaurant this morning she said she is working evening 19.00 pm to morning 08.00 am."

"Woah! Thats so long!!" Ohno said as his shock reflected to his voice.

"She seems like a hard worker," Sho said as he admired her long time shift but he couldn't help but feel suspicious.

"Yeah, right?" As he said this, he sink to his own thoughts again.

Talk ended there. Sho turned her book, MatsuJun went to speak with staff, Aiba was playing with his phone and Ohno was sitting still in his chair as always. Nino looked to Ohno, I bet he is sleeping while his eyes open, he thought and laughed inside his head. Then he turned his game again hoping to clear that point.


Nino looked to his watch and it showed 19.00 pm. He remembered that girl once again. Then he finally decided what to do. "Hey, Aiba-kun! Lets go eat some food~" He said slyly as he captured him. Other three looked at them confused but he already made his way to outside to his car, not letting Aiba's arm. He had a good idea to test the takoyaki.


Misaki was preparing Ohara-san's order as the bell on the door ringed as it opened. She looked to door with excitement hoping that he came again. But as she saw an unfamiliar long figure her excitement faded.

The man with blonde hair came towards the counter and sat there quietly. Misaki thought he was wearing some weird costumes but she didn't really judge him. He looked like an anime character with that cut of hair and his pink scarf. He was wearing big black sun glasses and he was looking the menu on the wall. Misaki give Ohara-san's order as she approached him.

"Welcome, are you ready to order?" she said politely.

"One beer for now," he said simply as he took out his phone and faced with it. She smiled as she bowed her head understandingly. She went back to the counter and started to make her takoyaki. It wasn't long enough to prepare her takoyaki since she was so used to it. She took his beer and takoyaki.

"Here is your order," as she placed takoyaki with beer. He looked up and asked. "I didn't order takoyaki but?"

"Oh, this is for the first time comers, I hope you will like it and come here again," she smiled and left him with takoyaki.


As Aiba sat there and waited for his order he mailed Nino angrily. He looked literally weird on that blonde wig and that damn pink scarf. He literally fooled by him as he forcefully take him to that restaurant. Though it seemed like a good place. Restaurant had pretty much of customers and they seemed pretty happy with the girl's attention. As she came back with his beer and takoyaki, he asked the question that Nino gave him and mailed him to come inside.

After three minutes Nino came and sat next to him. "Thanks Aiba-kun~" he said smiling.

"Ah..." As they heard the owners voice they both looked at her. "So you were friends," she said looking a little confused. Then she tilted her head not asking anymore.

Aiba remembered his appearance then panicking he took his wig and sunglasses. "Aaah! Its- its not as it seems!"

"Don't worry about him," said Nino laughing like a fox. "Its his private hobby~"

"No its not! This guy forced me to do it!!" Aiba provoked as he took the scarf too.

Misaki looked confused but seeing them enjoying she started to laugh. "Its okay," she said trying to stop her laugh. "Did you decide your order?" She was perfectly well mannered as she talked to them.

"I want tomato roll! I saw it on the menu!!" Aiba said with his high tension. And he added trying to defend himself, "And I don't have a weird hobby like this you know? But this guy have this weird hobby to make me do it!!"

Nino gave him a death glare. "Don't worry about it please, I understand it," she said acceptingly. "Then a tomato roll and," she looked at Nino.

Nino looked to the menu, he was hungry but none of the menu seemed appetizing. "I want hamburger," he mumbled himself.

"Hamburger?" She asked looking surprised. "I think I have the ingredients, if you think you can wait I can make it."

"Eh? But its not on the menu?" Asked Aiba looking confused.

"Ah, I have a menu as a sample but you can order whatever you want as long as its something that I can prepare," Misaki said smiling a little. Then Misaki heard the door open again as Fuku rushed inside with a friend from his school.

"Nee-chan! I'm home~" He said as he rushed to counter where she was standing. "Welcome home," she said. "You can sit, I will prepare dinner for you two," then she turned her head to Nino again. "So hamburger?" She said smiling and went back to prepare orders.

"New customers!" They heard the voice of her brother as Aiba and Nino looked to him. "My sister cooks literally everything! Ah- oh! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Aoyama Fuku, and this is my senpai from school Kirishima Kouta! I am younger brother of Aoyama Misaki which is owner of this place and the person you just spoke," he was talking so fast that he even didn't breathe. Nino looked confused to him trying to catch his words just as Fuku came closer to his face and talked excitedly. "Oh!! You are the person from this morning!! So you were a customer! I thought you were my sisters boyfriend!"

"Fuku! Keep calm you are bothering our customers," Misaki called from behind the counter. Nino looked to her again. She was working swiftly but he saw her cheeks become red a little. Seeing this his face also started to burn. He cleared his throat and asked. "Why did you thought that?"

"She looked so down this morning before you came," Fuku answered making his voice little as he spoke innocently. "And she seemed pretty okay to me when you were here."

Nino looked confused. Why would she feel down anyway? Though she seemed perfectly okay to him this morning and after that. "It must be something else," Nino said. "We didn't even talked properly."

"What is it you are talking about?" Aiba whispered poking his head from behind Nino's shoulder.

"Nothing concerns you," Nino said trying to change the subject just as Misaki came to their side. "Here is your orders, tomato roll and hamburger," she placed their orders. Then she made her way to Fuku's place. They talked from this and that and Nino was eavesdropping them. Though he didn't know why, he continued to listen them not trying to eat his food. Just as Aiba shouted. "ITS DELICIOUS!" His voice made Nino jump on his chair and made Misaki looked at them, then he smacked Aiba's head. "You are too noisy you idiot!" They both heard Misaki's laughter as Nino looked at her again, remembering to eat his own food. "Eat it Nino! You will understand what I feel!!" Aiba insisted trying to put a tomato roll to his mouth forcefully. "Stop it idiot! I know it is delicious! I eat here for two times before!!"

"Oh! Thats right, you are one who brought me here! Then no need to share my tomato roll~" He said continuing eating.

Finally when Aiba stop blabbering him about tomato roll he turned to his own food. He knew that she was good at cooking but he didn't expect her to cook a hamburger which can capture Nino's heart. Though Nino was a man who can eat every type of hamburger as long as its hamburger, he didn't tried to deny it. "Its delicious," he mumbled. Not aware of Misaki who is listening closely his comment. She looked to him with happiness, her cheeks flushed a little then she turned to her work again.

The night continued swiftly. Misaki checked them for every half an hour and she fulfilled their orders. After about three hours she noticed that the man called Aiba started to sleep on the counter. She neared to Nino. "You should wake him up, this is not a good place to sleep after all," she said kindly as she offered a little stole to him for Aiba. "He looks quiet comfortable though," said Nino putting the stole on Aiba.

"Thank you for coming again," she said suddenly. Nino looked to her with a little surprise. She looked so sincere and she looked so real. He looked her eyes, his ambivalence melt as he continued to look her eyes. She made him vulnerable and he took a deep breath. "I will come here again,"

Misaki jumped with surprise. Her smile grew bigger. "Then I will wait for you," she said finally.

"Then make sure to prepare hamburger for everyday," said Nino laughing a little.

"I will," she said. "I will always."
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