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Title: The Girl Loved by Muse
Length: multi-chapter
Pairing: Ninomiya Kazunari x Shimizu Haruka (OC)
Rating: G
Genre: AU / fluff / romance
Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own anything about Arashi. Only the plot is mine.

Ninomiya Kazunari 28 years old salary man who works for a big company. He is what normal means. He doesn't have many friends, he lives his life without any major changes. One day he met with a girl who is very irresponsible, selfish but loved by the god of music.
A/N: Comments are welcomed! English is not my native language so I apologize for my mistakes!!

Chapter 2 - I decided on you!

As his day neared the end he felt so tired. Begining with the scene in Ueno Park he had a damn weird day. He found it ironic because he was cursing his normal daily life on the very same morning. This must be the punishment of god,he thought taking his bag from his desk as he leaved work place.

He was late because of that magician girl and he was scolded by his boss for that. He was even made to stay for overtime and now the sun was already disappeared from the sky and he already missed the program he wanted to watch. He looked to his watch, it showed 19.00 pm... He was thankful for his normal 09.00 - 17.00 work time.

As he left the building, his eyes locked on one point. His eyes grew bigger as he saw the magician girl from the morning standing there doing nothing. As if she felt his presence she turned her head to his direction. Her eyes lit up as she saw her. He looked around him, hoping that she was looking someone else. But there was no one but him... He thought pretending not to see her but it was too late for that as she rushed beside him.

"Found you!!" Her voice was high with the tension.

"What?" he asked stupidly. "I am sorry you must have been mistaking me with someone else, miss," he said trying to take his leave.

She hold his wrist with an unexpected strenght. "No, I am not mistaking you with someone else. You were in Ueno Park this morning!" She was speaking so excitedly. "I finally found you! Do you know how long I have been searching for you? I am so happy that I can finally meet you!!"

"Miss, its true that I was in Ueno Park this morning but I don't know you and if you please let me, I am trying to go home," he said as his patience started to running out. He was trying to leave as soon as possible but something stopped him as if he forgot how to walk.

"I am sorry! But I can't let you. My name is Shimizu Haruka," she introduced herself quickly. "And you?" She asked innocently urging him.

"Ninomiya Kazunari," he caught himself telling her, his name. Why? Why the hell I just told my name to her?! She must really be a magician, he thought.

"Ninomiya Kazunari! Nino? NiKa? Kazu? Nari? Miya-chan? Well we can decide your nick name later!" She said excitedly. "Do you know how to play guitar?" She asked seriously.

He surprised with the sudden question as he nod confused. "I do but why?"

"There is a contest two months from today, we are forming a band for that!" She told him excitedly holding his hands strongly. "And I decided on you! You will be the guitarist!" She declared it, full of energy. "Meet with me in the Ueno Park 1 hour later!" As she said that she left him on that place dumbfounded.

Nino looked after her as she ran all the way from the street so quicky. What the hell was that?he thought. There was no way he would go meet with her. He had enough of trouble for this day. Too much weird things for one day,he thought tiredly as he took the way to his home.


The clock showed midnight and Haruka was waiting for Ninomiya BaKazunari about 4 hours straight. She started to call him by that nick name after waiting for him 2 hours. It was quiet enjoying though. She didn't knew that his name would go so well with 'baka'. She clicked her tounge and made her grip become stonger around the guitar she found for him. She knew she was an unreasonable person and she had no regret for waiting 4 hours. Maybe he will never come but she was still going to stand there until he comes. There was no practicual reason for her to chose him except the whisper of Muse. Haruka was the one who can hear what Muse said all the time. The other band members were also like that. Muse whispered her and she went after them like a stalker.

She never had much thought. She was so simple minded and she always moved before thinking. And thanks to that she always tucked into many troubles no matter it is was big or small. She was brave. Brave enough to be counted as idiot. She was also intelligent so far but she was someone who was too loyal to her decisions for her own good. If she decides to stay there until he comes, she was going to stay there until he comes no matter what. She was thinking this as a group of drunk people were making their way to her. She looked them but didn't moved an inch. One of them who is tall came to Haruka and spoke to her. "Are you alone missy?" His words were coming out as half because of the alcohol in his body.

She decided to seem nice and make them believe that she wasn't alone. "I am sorry sir, I am waiting for my boyfriend who went to convinience store just now," she said sweetly as she showed them the two guitars while pointing that she wasn't alone at all. But the man was too persistent for his own good and insisted to her. "There isn't any convinience store near here so you should be alone for a long time," he said dirtily putting his hand to her shoulder. "No no no sir I don't suggest you to put that hand on my shoulder so that my boyfriend won't have to beat you," she was bluffing clearly but she still tried to make them believe. There was no way she could run so fast with two guitars and one amp anyway.

"Well he can't beat us unless he has an army right?" he said taking the guitar that she took for Nino away from her forcefully.

"Don't touch that!" she yelled to them, snatching the guitar again. She hugged the guitar while hanging her own guitar to her shoulder. The guitars were more precious than her own life. That was the only thing that she can not give up.

"Oh oh oh! She values her little guitars! How sweet! I always wanted to sleep with a guitarist girl!" The man grab her right hand and pulled her so hard that she made an extra effort to hold on to her guitar. She was so focused to keep the guitars safe that she didn't even noticed his grip became more stable on her wrist. She cried out with pain as the man twist her wrist to get a kiss from her.

Just as she heared a thud voice from her behind and saw the other two men were down. She looked to see what happened as she saw Ninomiya BaKazunari with a wooden stick in his hand. "Can you leave her alone if I may ask?" he asked as he put down the stick not letting it though. Haruka looked at him as her eyes blurred with tears of relief and joy. He came, she thought. I knew Muse will never be wrong about choosing people.It was an ridiculus thought in that situation but she was so happy that he came.

The man let her hand go as he made his way to Nino. She collapsed on the point as he let her go. She realized it for the first time that she was scared. She looked at Nino who is looking the man who seemed ready for a fight. She saw the man readying his fist and making a move to hit him. He was drunk and Nino was fast so he dodge the attack but he couldn't dodge the second. Clearly the man was used to fights and Nino wasn't. She closed her eyes as the man punched Nino on the face. She was an irresposible person but she hated seeing a fight. She thought she could play her guitar to make them stop, but at this point it was probably the slowest thing to do and by that time Nino would be beaten up by all. Haruka hated to see someone hurt. She took a deep breath when she saw Nino's stick on the floor and she stand up as she left the guitar carefully on the floor she was hugging. Haruka took the stick and they were too busy to notice her. She neared them carefully and silently and swing the stick with her full strenght aiming the man's head.

She was lucky as the stick find its mark and the man fell to the floor, losing his consciousness. Haruka fell to the point with him as she felt relief. She didn't even tried to stand up. She stood there trying to straighten her breath. Not for too long, Nino came near her. "Are you alright?" he asked carefully.

"Why the hell are you trying to save me when you can't even fight?!" she exploded finally looking at him.

"What?! I just saved you, you freak! Can't you be a little grateful or what?" He said angrily.

"If you came here on the time as you were told none of this would happen!" She said as narrowing her eyes.

"I never told you that I will come!" he was so annoyed that he couldn't keep his words in anymore. "And why the hell I should go along with your band project?! I don't know you, I don't care about you or I don't even want to know you! You trouble me can't you see it? You crushed my daily life in one day for whole!"

"But you came here!!" She yelled to him, making him stop on his speech.

"I was... I was just..." He stopped trying to make an excuse for being there.

"You were just what?" Haruka asked suspiciously. "Well whatever. I knew you would come anyways." She told him proudfully. Her recovery was so quick.

"How can you be so sure?" He asked irritated.

"Muse never choses wrong person," she smiled to him. "Help me up," as she hold out her left hand to him Nino helped her to get up. His lower lip were bleeding but she didn't said anything. She made her way to the guitar which she left on the floor. She hold out her right hand without thinking but she hissed with the pain when she tried to hold it.

"Are you alright?" Nino asked as he made a move to look her wrist. "Did he hurt you?"

"Yup. It should be okay I think. He just used too much strenght on in," she hold out her left hand to the guitar and lift it from the floor. "Take this, and lets go before they wake up," she said giving him the guitar.

She led him to a place not speaking much. They walked out of Ueno and she led her to metro station. They took the subway to Shibuya. He wasn't really familiar with Shibuya so he just followed her. They walked to back streets and finally she walked into an old studio which seemed abondoned. She went inside and Nino followed her. There were four other men sitting inside of studio playing with trumps. They were probably playing old maid. "Oh Haru~ Welcome!" A man said cheerfully as he saw them entering. All eyes turned to them but as soon as they noticed Nino their eyes looked at him confused.

"I found him! Our last member! The lead guitarist!" She declared it again as she looked to him again. "Welcome to our band!" Her smile widened as she welcomed him. For the first time on that evening Nino thought it wasn't a bad idea to go to meet with her.


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