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Yeey! So new single is here!!
Well my reviews are just me blabbering about my Arashi love but anyways I will do it since I enjoy it *lol*

I havent read any other reviews or opinions this time so its all merely my opinions.

Firstly Tsunagu was first announced with the title of "the ultimate love song" and I thouhgt "isn't it irrelevant with ninja movie?" But well I personally like songs when they have a gap between with the movie. Then its not actually so irrelevant with the movie? I don't know since I haven't watched the movie and I have no other change to wait for it -like 6 months?-

1- Tsunagu

The rhythm is good and lovely. It took me some time to love I'll be there but Tsunagu was really fast. I was like "omg this is so good" when I first heard it. But well I still prefer Wagakki Band for traditional music Still I like the shamisen melody.
I still haven't watched the pv with a decent quality but well I still loved the pv. I especially love the gap of dark aura of pv and the song itself. Set is super cool and lighting was the so good. Thank you director-san! And thank you for your all insistence about the pv and song and dance and ninja-like movements Ohno-kun!!!

2- Reach for the sky ~天までとどけ~

Probably everyone thinks alike about the Reach for the sky, which has the vibes of Bittersweet. To me its not that alike with Bittersweet but another song which I still cant remember. It sucks. I constantly think about it but I still can't remember which song is it.
Other than that Reach for the sky is aperfect choice for JAL CM. You certainly want to go a trip after you listen it which is impossible in my case because I only want to go Japan as a trip. Other than Japan has no effect for me.

3- Dakishimetai

This song is the most lovely song for me. It gives me old Arasi vibes and I felt like I am listening their old cute song from the time when they were still around their twenties. I like their all songs expect the songs like Cool & Soul since I cant catch any lyrics and it tires me when I try to catch for the lyrics. Well I can't do anything about it...
Dakishimetai is so lovely, sweet, fluffy and their voices are just so easy to hear. After Treasure of Life, Dakishimetai become one of my most favorite b-side song :3
And its so good to listen when you went to walking in the evening, when the sun started to set. Well it can be good if you listen it in morning too but since its just so damn hot lately I recommend the evening lol

4- Under the Radar

Under the Radar is different from the others. It has somehow this dangerous air in it. Its so good if you want a song to dance. The fast rhythm, slightly dangerous lyrics, members mischevious singing and all. Lyrics are intimating and I loved how they used technological words.
It somehow reminds me Trap, so maybe they can sing it live and Oh-chan can make a choreography for this too. *lol*

5- Okinimesumama

Okinimesumama was the probably the song that give me the least impact. I don't have many thoughts about it, I don't have many ideas about it, and I didn't listen it like I listen Dakishimetai or Tsunagu. I wonder why? ╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭
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