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Title: The Girl Loved by Muse
Length: multi-chapter
Pairing: Ninomiya Kazunari x Shimizu Haruka (OC)
Rating: G
Genre: AU / fluff / romance

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own anything about Arashi. Only the plot is mine.

Summary: Ninomiya Kazunari 28 years old salary man who works for a big company. He is what normal means. He doesn't have many friends, he lives his life without any major changes. One day he met with a girl who is very irresponsible, selfish but loved by the god of music.

Chapter 3 - "Who are we?"

Nino felt five different gazes on him. He tried to look cool but it wasn't that easy. At least there was no space for an unconfortable silence as Haruka started to speak again. "This is Sakurai Sho," she pointed a man who looked intelligent. "His family owns a hospital so he is the smart one~" She spoke merrily. Nino looked at him as he smiled and made a gesture of greeting but before they could talk Haruka moved to other people. "He," she pointed a man who was clearly sunburnt. "who always looks sleepy is Ohno Satoshi. He works in a local school as an art teacher but he rarely speaks so his students are afraid of him," She made fun of him as he laughed a little and silently greeted Nino. "And he," she pointed a man who was sitting on the armchair, "is Matsumoto Jun. He is the cool one and he owns maaaaany clothes!" Haruka seemed pretty amused by his amount of clothes but the cool man -the name is Matsumoto, he reminded himself- answered her.

"I am working as a stylist Haru. Of course I would have lots of clothes," he chuckled as he spoke and he greeted Nino.

Haruka giggled but continued her speech. "And this man, Aiba Masaki! He is the cute and fluffy one~ He would make you smile a lot since he is a pro!! And he works as a detective, though he only looks for lost animals~" She giggled again but Aiba doesn't seemed to offended. Aiba waved his hand to Nino.

Then Haruka put a hand to Nino's shoulder and started to introduce him. "And this guy is Ninomiya BaKazunari~" She said looking satisfied.

"Oi! Who are you calling as baka, Harubaka?" Nino narrowed his eyes as he pushed her hand.

"I am calling you as baka, BaKazu," she looked at him but didn't seemed to affected.

"Only idiots calls people as idiots," Nino said irritatedly.

"So you agree that you are an idiot since you called me as an idiot just a second ago?" Haruka said merrily again. Nino frowned but he was cut before replying to her.

"Well well! Lets drop it!" Aiba said sweetly interrupting them.

"And welcome to the Haru-victims group," Matsumoto Jun waved to him.

"Eeh!? What do you mean you are victims of me?" Haru pouted as she asked Matsumoto.

"Well we all dragged here just like you," Sho said to Nino ignoring Haru. "She stalked me for a whole week you know?" he laughed lightly.

"And she stalked me for a month," Matsumoto explained. "I have the record of being stalked I think," he laughed.

"HEY! I can hear you, you know?" Haru told waving to them as if trying to make herself visible.

"Its always like this," Ohno said while yawning. "She always have this kind of tension."

"Can you stop analyzing me?" Haru asked again but no one listened her. "Do you have anything to ask?" she asked turning her head to Nino. Nino wanted to scream, SO MANY THINGS, but he hold himself.

"So you guys are a band," Nino said pointing a certain reason for them being that old studio. "What do you play?"

Haru showed him a thumbs up. "Good question! Sho-chan plays keyboard, Jun-kun plays the drums, Oh-chan plays the bass, Aiba-chan plays violin," she pointed one by one.

"And what do you play? Well I saw you playing guitar but well is that your speciality?"

"Eh? Me? Aah... I play everything including old Japanese instruments," she said innocently. Nino frowned. How could that even possible?

"I see you are surprised but she is saying the truth," Matsumoto told him. "She perfectly knows every instrument." Nino looked other members as they nodded. "Wait is that even possible?"

"Well she is the one who teach us our instruments in the first place. And she writes songs for us, " Sho said as his surprise growing more.

"Oh okay," he said trying to overcome his surprise. There were many questions in his head but he kept them himself for now. Just as he heard a loud grugle from the corner of the room. Every eye moved to Ohno. "What? I havent eat dinner yet," he tried to defend himself. Haru giggled.

"We should go and buy some bento then," offered Aiba. "Ninomiya-san you should come too since this place is so far from any road you should learn your way. And I believe you can't remember the way you came with Haru since she makes the way more complicated than normal," he laughed lightly.

"Speak your own business," said Haru as she stick out her tongue to him.

Nino nodded. He was looking for a way to go out anyway. He and Aiba went outside, noticing they came really far with Haru. He didn't noticed until he got out of the studio. Outside was dark and there wasn't nearly any lights. Most of the buildings were warehouses and there were mostly night clubs two blocks away. Their sound were coming down all the way but still there wasn't any sound inside the studio. The building that studio placed were quiet old. It looked like abondoned and exept from studio there wasn't any lights in it. "You should be careful around here, there are yakuzas," Aiba told him as he lead the way down to convinience store. "But well at least we are okay. Ah you can tell them you are Haru's friend so they let you go."

"What is that? Is Haru also yakuza too?" Nino asked with shock in his voice. Then he heard Aiba's merry laugh.

"No she isn't but well, Haru is kinda special. How can I explain it..? She has this weird ability to be friends with everybody. And with everybody I mean literally everybody." He tried his best to explain. "Haru gots you vulnerable and she penetrate your soul."

"You sound like she is kind of witch," Nino said as he frowned.

Aiba laughed loudly. "Well she does kind of magic anyway so I can't deny it, but she is good you know. We all owe her for bringing us together~" Aiba giggled a little. "Ah, here this way leads you to the subway and this way will lead us to convinience store which is in Shibuya."

"Aiba-san I don't think I can join to your band," Nino blurted. Aiba stopped and looked at him surprised.

"But why?" He asked with his puppy eyes. Oh dear, Nino thought, why is he looking at me like that?

"Well, I have work and I am not interested to forming a band," Nino explained as he rubbed the back of his head.

"But why? Haru was looking for you for so long time!" His eyes becoming more and more like a puppy.

"She wasn't looking for me, it was just a coincidence," Nino said obstinately.

"I don't think it was just a coincidence," Aiba said calmly. He smiled to Nino. "I personally think it was inevitable. You know Haru always speaks about Muse. That she always heard its voice and she always did what Muse told her to do. She said she found us like that too. It wasn't just destiny and she told us we aren't completed yet. She was looking for you desperately."

Nino averted his eyes from Aiba's gaze. He looked away because somewhere deep in his heart he knew that Aiba was right. It was inevitable. He knew that when he started walking to Ueno park in that night, thinking that she already left. But she wasn't. Nino thought he had never been more worried for someone until that night. He knew everything including helping her was inevitable.

"And you saw her singing, right?" He heard Aiba's voice again and looked at him again. He was smiling widely. "I don't think you can leave after you saw that."

Nino didn't said anything but he knew. There was no way that he can leave.


"REJECTED!" They heard Haru's shout as they got into the old studio again. Nino and Aiba were holding plastic bags as they carried the bentos.

"We are doing it again?" Sho asked exhaustedly.

"We need a name! We need a cool name for this band you know! Otherwise we can't send application for the contest," Haru urged them to think.

"I still root for 'Meatball Runners'" Aiba said as he left bags to the table which is placed in front of the old blue sofa.

"That's the most impossible one!! We can't have Meatball Runners as our group name! We make music! Not meatballs!!"

"But its a delicious name! People say 'music is a soul food'!" Aibaa tried to make her accept the name but Haru rejected him completely.

"Shut up! Its rejected!!"

"Whats going on?" Nino askes as he tried to catch the situation.

"I think Haru explained you nothing right?" Matsumoto sat near him as he started to explain the situation. "There's a festival in Tokyo two months from today, most popular bands will perform there and there's a contest for amateurs at the end. We will go for that contest but before that we need a proper name for sign up."

"How about Tuna? Tuna's are good!" Ohno said. Hope could seen from his eyes but Haru's glance made him shut up.

"Guys, don't you have a proper idea?" she begged putting her hands together. But no one made a sound. "Five of you! You guys are useless!!" She scholded them again as she pout.

"How about Hurricanes?" Suddenly all of the heads turned to Nino. Haru blinked her eyes as she looked surprised. "Um... well... Its just a suggestion though..." As no one spoke, he needed to explain more. "Well, Huricanes written by katakana which makes it sound quiet similiar to Haru- I mean Shimizu-san's name... Since we are all here because of her," his voice faded as he explained his thoughts.

The first reaction came from Haru. She jumped from her seat and rushed to Nino holding his hands strongly. Her eyes were sparkling with joy. "Hurricanes! This is it!! Thank you Nino!!" He blinked with surprise as she called his well known nick name. He had that nick name since first grade but he never told her that nick name. Somehow it made him happy that she dropped the baka.

"Then its decided!" Matsumoto looked pleasant as he watched Haru.

"We are Hurricanes!!" Haru declared that to all. Nino thought he would never forget the day that Hurricanes formed. He smiled widely after for a really long time.

Date: 2017-07-09 11:53 pm (UTC)
yuuki_nyanmaru: (Default)
From: [personal profile] yuuki_nyanmaru
Hi~ I read the chapters of this fic and I just wanted to say my opinion about it. The plot is good but it all depends on how you will develop this idea, I think you have a great imagination and inspiration so I'm expecting a good fic ^^. The only 'errors' that I found are related to the english but everyone has them don't worry, not everyone is a native english speaker after all (I'm not one too and I make errors for sure when writing so I feel you). But it's something that it can be overcome with the practice so you just have to write more and more.
Regarding the characters: everyone is interesting but we are still at the beginning so I can't say much. Let's see how you will build their personalities and stories. You are on the good way *thumbs up*

Ganbatte ne~ Oh and if you were wondering, even though I doubt it, you can call me Yuuki ^^

Date: 2017-07-10 03:22 pm (UTC)
yuuki_nyanmaru: (Default)
From: [personal profile] yuuki_nyanmaru
Yeah they look really alike! And this name reminds me also of one my favourite characters in an anime so I really like the name 'Yukina' *-*

Fyi: even the name 'Yuuki' is taken by one of my favourite characters of an anime and both anime and character are still my favourite above all others ^^

Date: 2017-07-10 07:15 pm (UTC)
yuuki_nyanmaru: (Default)
From: [personal profile] yuuki_nyanmaru
I think it's an anime that you didn't watch and probably you even don't know XD. It's from 'Sekai ichi hatsukoi', a yaoi anime, and this Yukina guy is in one of the side pairings.

I really love that character! I think that in SAO, Yuuki is one of the best character *-* Regarding Asuna, for me is not an "incredible" character; in the first part of the anime yes but then her role 'loses' something for me.
Fyi: 'Mine' Yuuki comes from 'Code: Breaker' and this is the second anime that I ever watched.

I don't know why I'm telling you all this hahah gomen XD

Date: 2017-07-10 10:19 pm (UTC)
yuuki_nyanmaru: (Default)
From: [personal profile] yuuki_nyanmaru
We fujoshi are everywhere it seems XD.

Alfheim Online is kinda useless for me. The series was great but when SAO ended and the AFO started, everything became more and more boring. And let's not talk about GGO that is even worse (at least for me haha). For me it was as if they forced the anime to go on because they wanted to continue the success they had with SAO.

I'm so surprised that you know Code: Breaker since every time I mention it no one knows it XD. This makes me happy!

Date: 2017-07-14 04:36 pm (UTC)
yuuki_nyanmaru: (Default)
From: [personal profile] yuuki_nyanmaru
Don't worry about it haha, everyone is busy due to 'real life' XD.

Yeah just SAO would have been an amazing anime that everyone would remember as one of the best. Not the one that 'was the best but then they ruined it'.

I actually watched it in 2015 (since I discovered the 'japan universe' in that year) so maybe that's why it wasn't really famous ne. And I totally feel you regarding the lazyness, there are days in which basically I end up doing nothing XD.


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