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So I decided to make a masterpost for my fanfics.
Comments are always welcomed! It will be updated~

The Girl Loved by Muse
Ninomiya Kazunari x OC
"I wonder what kind of world you will show me"
Chapter 1 - The stage of you
Chapter 2 - I decided on you!
Chapter 3 - Who are we?
Chapter 4 - Inevitable events
Chapter 5 - Me and you; and it means us!
Chapter 6 - The mystery of Distance
Chapter 7 - Your Voice
Chapter 8 - This life is haphazard
Chapter 9 - Hidden Answers
Chapter 10 - Your Smile

Ninomiya Kazunari x OC
Tiring day and refreshing smile. She meant peace for him.
Chapter 1 - Are you a magician?
Chapter 2 - You can not help this kind of feeling at all
Chapter 3 - A story that he doesn't know

Thousand Times
Sakurai Sho x OC
He is strong willed man and he always gets what he wants at the end of the day. Though he still couldn't get her heart even after being together for more than ten years.
Chapter 1 - Someone who can beat you
Chapter 2 - I wouldn't want you as my stalker.

Chapter 3 - Worlds most beautiful 'Happy Birthday'

Hello, Goodbye
Aiba Masaki x OC
He always loved tiger printed t-shirts. He even got into a fight for a tiger printed t-shirt.
Prologue - "Bye bye Safari Boy~"

Deep Blue
Ohno Satoshi x OC
A farewell that he can not ever forget.
"Did you know that handwrittings are characteristic things like finger prints?"


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