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Yeey! So new single is here!!
Well my reviews are just me blabbering about my Arashi love but anyways I will do it since I enjoy it *lol*

I havent read any other reviews or opinions this time so its all merely my opinions.

Firstly Tsunagu was first announced with the title of "the ultimate love song" and I thouhgt "isn't it irrelevant with ninja movie?" But well I personally like songs when they have a gap between with the movie. Then its not actually so irrelevant with the movie? I don't know since I haven't watched the movie and I have no other change to wait for it -like 6 months?-

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I wanted to do a review of single for a long time now but I finally found my chance now. Damn midterms just had to be middle on the single release.  So I usually post someting that doesn't really matter. No one actually wants my opinion lol but I want to talk about ayways *LOL*

So finally, Kizoku Tantei started and finally we got our first single for the 2017!! *applause* 
I read so many thoughts about single being really late or single being not good enough but I actually think that single is quiet good. I watched the pv and I can say that they are not in sync for dance but I think that's because Kizoku Tantei's offer came to suddenly for them to prepare something more complicated. They even learned the hand movements on the pv shooting. I don't give a damn thing on being unsync. They still did a really good job by so  sudden single release. And if you watch the VS Arashi performence for I'll be There you can clearly see that they totaly made it sync. 

So I will talk about single a little bit. 

1- I'll be there

So this is the first song of the single and the ending of Kizoku Tantei. I like it when I first heard it on FNS. It has a good aura and I think it is quiet compatible for a detective drama which has comedy element in it. 
Song has catchy lyrics and it is really easy to remember. *lol* I remembered it from third listen and it is really enjoy to sing together. I even studied for hand movements of dance and doing it on street seeming like a totaly freak but come on! I just can't help but doing it with such a enjoyable song.

2- unknown

I have to say that I have a big problem with title. Like do we not know the title? Until release I always thought that the title of song hasn't been released by JE and then surprise! The title happened to be unkown! *lol* Are they enjoying to making me confused?  
But I think song is really high quality. Like those we have albums. But well I love listening single b-sides more than first song and I am delighted having a song like this. 
I actually missed Sakurap. There was so little on AYH and I felt like I met an old friend when I first heard of Sakurap. *lol* This is stupid because I listen Arashi everyday so far now and on those song one or two definitely has Sakurap. But well I like that Sakurap *tumbs up!*

3- Treasure of Life 

My personal favorite of whole single :") 
I love this kind of songs. Sweet aura and sweet melody. The piano on the start, Jun's first lines, God they are amazing. 
I love the lyrics too. The melody is so good and I can't seem to bring myself to say more. Actually it can be a good ending song for a romance movie. *lol*

4- Round and Round 

This song has AYH smell on it so I actually liked it. It makes me want to dance and I even can't dance *lol* Okay I am aiming to dance like Oh-chan but that's another topic so I will let it go. I have not much impression with this song except that it makes me want to dance. *lol* I am hopeless... 

For so far; I love the songs and single. God blessed me with this lovely single! I am sorry for wasted time *lol* Just dont mind me! 


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