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 This will be a short blabbering of me but I have just found the perfect song for my fanfic lol
Why so cute?!!? Its the fluffiest song I have ever listen!!
And Mami sings it... again... WHY SO CUTE 
OMG I am so out of mind now!!!!!
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 Tomorrow is Friday!!
I need holiday so much. I need to watch Arashi. I need to make a proper edit for my fanfic which I write for Nino's birthday. 
I love that story with my all my might. Maybe because I love Haruka so much. She was the very first Japanese character I wrote when I first started to play rpg. 
I love her my-pace feeling and I love how free she is. She  is so much fun to write. 
I feel nostalgic now... Haru-chan I have missed you so so much.

And now I have to go study for Uzbek language. I am so drained right now (눈_눈)
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 Here I am again whinning about my damn exams and my damn homework. 
Still  I prefer doing homework to exams. 
And I finally talked to my teacher about the book!
Its like I have no slightest idea where to put that super horny camel. It touchs slightly to identity but it has no major pointings so I think the camel was just for humor. 
And I asked my teacher "What should I do with the camel?" and he was like; "... whatever. Camel didn't had major role in it so just skip the camel." and I was like "...okay." 

But really the super horny camel was so much fun to read.

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 My brain is fried by the book. 
I lost my track really. I need to review this book and I am completely lost in it. 
I have no freaking idea where the plot goes and I supposed to do a review of socialist realist elements in the book. 
Here I read about; a dead man, a super horny camel and aliens. 
Does this even makes sense? 
Not for me. 
Well at least the super horny camel was enjoying. 
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This is personal as hell but I don’t have anywhere to write it. Somehow I got really emotional so I will just write it here.

Don't mind me )
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I am tired. From life and from a lot of things. The only thing that I am still not tired of is Arashi but thats not the problem right now.

I yearn for friends you know, I just want friends. I am not craving for a boyfriend or lover or something like that. And thats the exact reason why I messaged one certain person but I cant name him. Nope. Thing go like this and that and now I am having so much pressure because I don't want to be his lover, because I reject him and just wanted to be friends. So why the hell he is still waiting for me to fall for him? It makes me feel guilty and it makes me distance myself. And I like him so much on the category of friend. Maybe I still couldn't forget my ex...

My life is leading to shit with the school things so I am not clearly sure what to do since I am stuck.

Well really the useless things on my life.

The only thing which is good so far is I finally decided what to write for Nino's fanfic. Still not have a clear plot but fuck it.
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 So I will go to con tomorrow right? And I don't even know anyone lol At least I have a costume and I hope this time is easy for everybody to understand lol

Last 2 years was a hell literally. How comne nobody knows about Tohsaka Rin? I can accept Touwa Erio but Tohsaka Rin was quiet popular last year (╥﹏╥)
And I was all alone. Being alone on a con sure is sucks. 
Maybe I should just took some books with me. 
I hope I can make friends this time! Do your best me!!
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So I did write some of Thousand Times and it is freaking long. Especially for me. Lately I haven't been writing anything on my language so I feel like I lost my normal Turkish. Yeah, I hate studying Turkish language. I love literature but not language! 

I have a lot of things going on but still writing feels the right thing to do for me. 

By the way I can't believe in myself about Thousand Times. How the hell that I forgot to post chapter 1? And I didn't even realize that I forgot it and post chapter 2 and chapter 3 lol   At least I didn't forgot to post it on dw lol

I will try to update it until the end but I even can't promise to myself lol

By the way I have no story to continue writing for Magic! I am on a pinch! Is there anyone with idea? lol 

That was all! Greetings from "The useless things on my life"!


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