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[Fanfic] The Girl Loved by Muse [01 / ??]

Title: The Girl Loved by Muse
Length: multi-chapter
Pairing: Ninomiya Kazunari x Shimizu Haruka (OC)
Rating: G
Genre: AU / fluff / romance
Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own anything about Arashi. Only the plot is mine.
Disclaimer-2: I do not own none of the song nor lyrics that I use. I got the translation from superlative-cowards@tumblr

Ninomiya Kazunari 28 years old salary man who works for a big company. He is what normal means. He doesn't have many friends, he lives his life without any major changes. One day he met with a girl who is very irresponsible, selfish but loved by the god of music.
A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY NINO!! Comments are welcomed! English is not my native language so I apologize for my mistakes!!

Ninomiya Kazunari woke up when his alarm clock started to ring. He hold out his right hand and pushed the button on clock. It is a very much of a simple, ordinary spring day,he thought. It was the very first thought that came to his mind as soon as he woke up. He got up from his bed slowly. First his left leg, then his right leg, finally he got up from his bed then walked to the bathroom. Washing his face, brushing his teeth, going to toilet, washing hands, having the leftovers of yesterdays bento for breakfast, wearing his suits then going to work. His non stop daily life was nothing but normal. He hated to be normal though. Being normal made him more miserable but he had nothing to be special.

He walked his way to his company. Now the way was filled with cherry blossoms. With every wind, leaves were flying over. It could be a really beautiful if you are seeing it for the first time but he was so used to it that he didn't even care. For 28 years of his life, he was living every spring with cherry blossoms.

He walked by Ueno park, which is full of cherry blossoms and humans. His company was really near that it only takes 15 minutes of walking for him. It was always 15 minutes. Not a minute more or not a minute few. Even the number of steps that he took won't chance. He hated that too. He was searching for a thing but he wasn't sure what he was searching for. An ability? Love? Friendship? More money? Traveling to abroad? What? He didn't know that what he was looking for. He had friends. He had enough money to buy what he wants. He could even travel abroad now if he wanted. He knew how to play guitar which can be count as an ability though he didn't touch a gitar since high school. He had many girlfriends and he knew that some of them was waited his proposal before broking up. But still he just seem to lost his interest for everything. Maybe, he thought, There is something that I lost for humanly...

On his eighth minute of walk, he heard someone playing guitar. It was an acoustic quitar and he find his steps were leading to that sound. He walked in Ueno Park. There was no one around except some other salary men who is going to work but he realized that everyone who can hear the music started to head to sound. He walked listening the music. It was like his feet know that where he was going. He turned a corner and see a girl who is playing the guitar, just as a girl started to sing.

"I always sing here; surely singing from now on
I wonder how you could love me all along, all along, like that

I wonder how you could love me all along, all along, like that
I wonder how you could love me all along, all along, like that"

He watched the girl as she sing. She had long wavy hair which is dyed with blue and blonde. Her hair was touching to the guitar as she continued to play. Her fingers were long and slender which looked perfect for a musician. She didn't seem to bother someone watching. It was a nice, slow song which suits the morning and cherry blossoms. The wind seemed like it was doing a stage show for the girl. He can clearly see that she is a professional. Her singing didn't flatter even for a moment, her fingers never got to the wrong place on strings. It wasn't a hard song but still he could feel that she had the abilty.

"By the exact center of morning and night,
I become frighteningly lonely
In the exact center of you and me, the sun interrupts

I always crouch down with you to run away from the light,
And I reveal this feeling to you with the leaf of five sounds"

As the song continued, he noticed that a lot of people gathered around. He took his eyes from the girl for a moment and took a look around. There were a lot of salary men, a lot of students, a lot of office ladys, there is a lot of people around. He surprised to the fact that so many people could gather around a one thing. Some of high school girls were taking videos and he saw that a couple was holding hands. One of old man who is walking with his dog, started to shedding tears silently. He looked to the girl again. This time seeing a little sunlight illuminating her like a spot light.

"Thereupon your overflowing thought, it streams and flows along your cheek,
I wonder if I can love you gently, gently, like that
I wonder if I can love you gently, gently, like that
I wonder if I can love you gently, gently, like that

I wonder how you could love me all along, all along, like that
I wonder how you could love me all along, all along, like that"

He felt a lot of emotions with her singing. He was looking at her not even blinking his eyes. Just then as the song neared to the end, finally she looked up. Her eyes met with his, she smiled a little. He looked around him, tryig to see the person she smiled but no one seemed to be her friend. He turned to girl again, seeing she was still looking at him. This time he didn't avert his eyes from her. He continued to look at her as she singed the last part.

"I always sing here; surely singing from now on
I wonder how you could love me all along, all along, like that"

Then everything became silent. No one seemed to make a move. Even the wind stopped too. His eyes was still connected to her eyes as his hand moved by themselves. He started to applaud. Then everyone started to applaud like him. She stood up with a big smile on her face. She greeted them with a sweet gesture. Then everybody started to move. Like a magic has been broken. Like she set everyone free... He looked to her as she never took her eyes from him. Her gaze was strong, pulling him into a whirl. He took a step back with a little fear and shock. Their eye contact broke and he saw her smile again.

For the first time in his life he thought he met a magician.

A/N: The song is from Radwimps - On no Ha
Its not a girl vocal but just imagine your own magical version of Haru ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

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