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Title: Thousand Times
Pairing: Sakurai Sho x Koyanagi Arisa (OC)
Rating: General
Genre: Fluff
Multi chaptered.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own anything about Arashi. Only the plot is mine.
Summary: Koyanagi Arisa, an elite, a brilliant university professor though her age. She works in Tokyo University Japanese Language Department. She is strong willed and independent woman. At the very same time her family is friendly with Sakurai household for a very long time.
Sakurai Sho, an elite, a brilliant national idol. Works for Johnny's and a member of Arashi. He is strong willed man and he always gets what he wants at the end of the day. Though he still couldn't get her heart even after being together for more than ten years.

A/N: Comments are welcomed! English is not my native language so I apologize for my mistakes!!

"Okay guys, today's filming is over. See you next time!" the director shouted from back. All members said their otsukaresama's and headed to the green room for having some rest and some snacks.

"Ohno-san today you hardly speak again," said Matsumoto Jun with his stoic tone. Ohno tried to reply him but he gave up on the way. To be honest he was tired even for this speech. Nino completed behalf of him. "He said he couldn't get a change to go fishing lately.

"Oh, so that's why you seem this tired, huh?" Aiba put his hand on Leader's shoulder. Lately everyone was actually busy but looking Ohno, it makes the real thing. "Okay then, let's talk to our manager for a holiday then. How about it?" Sakurai Sho suggested. He was tired too but probably Ohno needed a holiday more than him. He knew that lately he was really working hard for their concert's choreography. Ohno nod his head silently but he really didn't listened all of the speech. He was thinking sleeping when he got to the green room. Sho looked the oldest members back but didn't said anything more. "Go ahead guys, I will go to toilet," then leave them before getting into the green room.

Matsumoto Jun opened the door and went inside first. There was something off in their green room and that's probably the woman who is speaking with their manager. Matsumoto frowned and looked the woman before him. First of all she was not a "girl". She had too much of cool aura for being a "girl". He raised an eyebrow and looked their manager. Then the woman and manager noticed them, standing up. Matsumoto continued to looking the girl. She was tall. Not tall like Aiba and not like himself but at least she had the same height with Nino. Though she was wearing high heels, he couldn't tell well. She had long black hair which was firmly tied. She was wearing white shirt, black jacket and a black stretch skirt which ends up above of her knees. Her formal aura seemed like she was a celebrity but not like entertainment world.

"Oh guys! So the filming is over! Otsukaresama deshita." their manager said. They all replied him with otsukaresama and turned their questioning eyes to the woman. Manager noticed their eyes and started to explain. "This is Koyanagi-san. She is very special guest today. Where is Sakurai-san?" He asked but then woman take a step forward and gave them her business card one by one. "I am Koyanagi Arisa, Tokyo University Head of Japanese Language Department. I am terribly sorry for coming here suddenly."

Just on that moment Sakurai Sho also came to the green room. When he saw her his jaw dropped open. "Arisa? Why the heck are you here?" he asked shocked. Arisa's eyes fixed on him for a moment but except answering his question, she continued to introducing herself to the other members. "Also I am Sakurai Sho-san's childhood friend. I am terribly sorry that I haven't come to introduce myself a little bit early. Our Sho has been very indebted to you.*" She bowed her head with very sincere move. Other four members looked Sakurai with puzzled eyes but they bowed their head too.

"Oi oi oi! Why are you here!?" He asked again. This time he was angry. He never told any of Arashi members that he has a childhood friend who is super elite. And he also never told them that this famous childhood friend is one of most famous Todai professor. He was angry and a bit sad. His mother were always teasing him with how Arisa and Matsujun would be the perfect couple and she told him to introduce him to her for several times. He was avoiding it perfectly until today. And now here she is, ruining his hard work for keeping her away from MatsuJun.

At last, she turned her head to Sho. She had this really scary smile on her face. "Yoko-san told me to bring you to family reunion Sakurai Sho-san. She told me that you've been refusing to come and lately you even pick up her calls too. Do you know that how much trouble did I have until coming here?" She was smiling perfectly, her voice was soft but that was the creepy one. She was quiet angry and everyone can clearly say that she was having hard time keeping her composure.

"Well, that's... But I have work after this!" He tried to save the situation 'cause he really didn't wanted to go that reunion. He hated family reunions even when he was a child. Everyone was hard on him especially after he entered Johnnys. Last years were really tiring. After he become 30 they started to brag him about marriage and making child. He was fed up with them. And today was his birthday so the last thing he wanted was to spend his birthday with them.

"Okay, I don't really want to listen your excuses. I know you have no works after this. I came here to take you to that reunion and I don't really care if I have to use violence." She said this while rubbing her temples.

"So you use your aikido card? What did my mother told you to go that much really?" he asked with his irritated tone.

Other five people in the room was watching this fight with unbelievable eyes. No one tried to stop them. They weren't shouting or anything but the fight was fierce. At last their manager tried to cut them. "Sho-kun you should go with her. She had really troubled time when she came here. Also Johnny-san told me to reorganize your schedule and-"

He cut his manager with surprise. "What? Johhny-san? How? Why?"

"I asked him for it," Arisa replied him instead of his manager, sighing. "You really have to go to that reunion." For the first time on that evening, Sho noticed she looked really tired. Her make up was covering every tiny pieces of tiredness on her face perfectly but he could see that she was really really tired in the depths of her eyes.

"Why don't you give up?" Ohno said with his soft voice. For the first time on that day he seemed awake. Then Aiba approached Arisa starting a sweet conversation between Arisa, him and MatsuJun. Nino was near him with Ohno but he had wide smile on his face.

"You know," Nino said. "We saw you irritated many times for many things but in the end you eventually get what you wanted always. It's good to know that there is someone who can actually beat you Sho-chan~"

Sakurai Sho sighed. "Yeah...right?"

A/N: *I had the image that うちの翔はいつも大変お世話になります。(Uchi no Sho wa itsumo taihen osewaninarimasu) but I couldn't really find a good translation of this. So if there is more suitable translation for this please tell me about it!!


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