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Title: Thousand Times
Pairing: Sakurai Sho x Koyanagi Arisa (OC)
Rating: General
Genre: Fluff
Multi chaptered.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own anything about Arashi. Only the plot is mine.
Summary: Koyanagi Arisa, an elite, a brilliant university professor though her age. She works in Tokyo University Japanese Language Department. She is strong willed and independent woman. At the very same time her family is friendly with Sakurai household for a very long time.
Sakurai Sho, an elite, a brilliant national idol. Works for Johnny's and a member of Arashi. He is strong willed man and he always gets what he wants at the end of the day. Though he still couldn't get her heart even after being together for more than ten years.

A/N: Comments are welcomed! English is not my native language so I apologize for my mistakes!!

Arisa was the one who was driving. She was using a black BMW and unexpected from a girl, it was really clean and neat. The only thing that doesn't really suit that car was a little light blue teddy bear which was sitting on the front of the car.

"So you are still having this teddy bear on your car?" Sho asked while taking the teddy bear on his hands. He smiled a little while playing with the toy.

"Is it wrong? You are the one who presented it to me. If you want to take it, just take it," she said with irritated voice. Sho lifted a single eyebrow. She was still angry but this was not like her. She usually won't show her anger to him.

"Why are you angry that much? I agreed to come with you, didn't I?" He said, but his voice was soft.

"I am just having hard time on my job. Sorry if I offended you... Really sorry, I shouldn't be taking it all form you. But still... Couldn't you just agree to your mother?" For a moment her face twisted with pain but it was only a little moment before it disappeared.

"Okay! I am sorry that I troubled you! I didn't know that my mother wanted me to go that damn event. She even don't actually like all of those family members." He was surprised that this years event turned out this big. But mostly he surprised for other things. "By the way, how the hell did you manage to change my schedule? How the hell did you managed to get our green room again?"

"I have lots of connections Sakurai-san. I can even find a lot of things that you would be surprised more than this. I work for most prestigious university in the country, remember?" She said laughing sarcastically to his surprise. She really had a lot of connections. Though she had more connections academically, she still had some connections for to be used at times like this. She actually didn't liked to use her trump cards on jobs like this but still it worked.

Sho was amazed too. When they first met, they were both at junior school. He remembered the time that his family were moved to a new place which is near to where his fathers best friend's house. Sho and Arisa were together since then. Sho remembered clearly that his lovely neighbor Koyanagi Arisa was his best friend and best rival. Their parents were both busy people so they were alone at home most of the time. They played with various things. She was strong especially academically. She was also strong with her muscle strength but she was actually quiet weak physically. She used to be sick really quickly.

"What are you thinking?" Arisa asked. She always knew when something was on Sho's mind. Sho jumped with the question but he lied immediately. "I was thinking tomorrow's Shiyagare shooting."

"You don't have a shooting tomorrow and besides it was not Shiyagare but VS Arashi," she laughed. Arisa figured that he was lying but didn't bother him further. "Have you been sleeping lately?" she asked with a soft voice.

"I try," he said shortly. He didn't had any problems with sleeping but also he didn't have much time to sleep. "I sleep, when I have time I guess?"

Arisa stole a glance to him. Their eyes met for a second before she turned her eyes to the road again. "How about sleeping a little? I will wake you up when we arrived," she said calmly. Sho nodded to her not saying a word, he rested his head to seat and let the sleep take him.


After they left Matsumoto Jun looked the identity card that was given by Koyanagi Arisa. It was a really simple white card. Then he heard his manager call for them.

"Guys, here, these are yours," he handed them simple envelope. Their names were written on the paper with a delightful handwriting. He opened the envelope and saw a simple invitation note directed to his name.

 "To Matsumoto Jun-sama
I'm really sorry to contact you like this. I wanted to invite you to Sho-san's birthday party. But unfortunately I couldn't find a chance to ask personally. I have informed your manager with the details. I hope you to come to party from the bottom of my heart.

Koyanagi Arisa"

"Wow, guys," Nino said with surprised voice. "This is really interesting."

"And she even went all the trouble and write it personally," Aiba said. He was surprised too. Ohno nodded his head. "Will we go?" he asked looking clueless.

"You probably should go," their manager told them. "She informed me and Johnny-san with the details and she really wanted you guys to come. She even got you a one day holiday you know?" Everyone surprised with the news. Manager continued. "She had really good connections. I had a chance to talk with her for about an hour before you guys came and she was really humble. She even gave me a good ideas for reading my daughter. I surprised someone that perfect can actually exist."

"Okay then, we should go," Matsumoto said. "We should probably change into suits." "What? Suits? Why?" Nino asked.

"I don't think she will make a all casual party," Matsumoto said. He was actually sure of it. When he saw her for the first time, he felt her cool aura.

"Actually, Matsumoto-kun is right. Party will be on Tokyo Skytree Restaurant and she said she closed whole restaurant," their manager told them.

"Uwaa- It's somehow heavy~" Nino said amused. MatsuJun said nothing but he was thinking that if someone would make this surprise to him, he would be very happy.


Sakurai Sho immediately woke up after car has stopped. He looked to the watch of car and saw that he was sleeping for entirely one hour. He looked to the Arisa trying to wake up completely. "Good morning," she said while undoing her seat belt. The car was right in front of Sakurai family household.

"It has been a while, huh?" he said while undoing his own seat belt. "I didn't actually wanted to come here for this stupid family reunion..."

"We are just here to change our clothes to be exact," she said before she get off from the car.

"Ha?" he asked confused but she didn't hear him because she was already heading to their door. To change clothes? Wait a minute, our clothes? he thought while hurrying behind her. "I don't have keys with me, ring the bell," he called behind her but just on the same time she took out some keys from her bag and opened the door. Then she looked to him and burst out laughing.

"Yoko-san gave me the keys. I will give it to her after this," she said laughing.

"If it wasn't you, it would be really creepy you know?" Sho said with shock on his voice. Arisa laughed loudly again. "Then we should both be happy that it was me, right?" she said.

This time Sho laughed."I wouldn't want you as my stalker."

"I wouldn't want to be your stalker either. Though, I literally stalked you for today..." She headed inside and went upside where his old room is. She opened the door and entered the tidy room. "As always its cold," she said when the cold air hit her face. "But unexpectedly tidy. You should really thank Yoko-san for this," she said amused. Then pointed a black suit to him. "I will be in Mai's room changing my own clothes. Hurry up but not like your concerts," then she left the room without saying anything more. He was speechless while looking the Armani suit in front of him. What the hell is this? he thought. Is she coming with him? More importantly why is she coming with him? She is just a friend. Their father may be on really good terms but Koyanagi family and Sakurai family were simply just friends. And that's exactly because they never participate on family reunions. This is odd, he thought. But he pushed that thought behind his mind. If he won't start to change his clothes anytime soon he knew that Arisa will be really angry with him.

He wore the suit really quickly. And he couldn't help but admire her choice. It was flashy but humble suit which he liked always. Arisa somehow made her job excellent and find the perfect outfit for him. Arisa was always excellent what she have done, he thought. Koyanagi Arisa meant perfection by all the meanings. She was the only daughter of Koyanagi family. Her father is Sakurai Shun's friend from high school and Koyanagi Katsuhide owned the biggest financial company on the country. Her mother, Koyanagi Mitsuki had been a writer back then and she was quiet famous both in Japan and internationally. For a thought everybody can easily see that if you live a house full of success, they always expect you more. Some children of families like this fall to despair and some choose to rebel but Sho never saw her rebellious even for once. But also he never saw her doing something she hated. Maybe because she never rebel, her parents never tried to force her to anything. But he knew that she was always going strong for her idea. She was stubborn like a goat and if she rebelled hard, there would be no stopping of her. One day, back from their Junior High way, she told him that she will go into Todai. That she will aim to became a professor like Sakurai Yoko on Japanese Language. Sho remembered how shocked he was. Then she came to their houses really frequently that from time to time Sho got sick of seeing her. Sometimes she even slept on their houses. His mother was really delighted to have enthusiastic student like her and eventually she got accepted to the Todai on her first try. From that time seeing her became hard for him, especially when he was doing Arashi and university at the same time. He knew that she came to their house many times after she got into Todai but he never managed to meet her at the house. Then he moved from house and that thing completely ended. And now having her on his house felt very nostalgic to him.

He got out of his room after like 10 minutes. He knew she won't be late more than 10 minutes. He knocked his sisters door. "Come on in, I am almost done," he heard Arisa's calm voice from inside and he opened the door. Seeing her like that took his breath away for a moment. He saw Arisa in many clothes for like 25 years but he have never seen her in a red dress like that. Her dress was the deepest tone of red and it was fitting her body perfectly. The one piece was short and it ended above her knees and it even had a little decollete on its neck but still it was not showing off. She opened her dark hair and released them free on her shoulders. There was no jewelry on her except one simple black necklace made from obsidian. "Oh, it suits you," Arisa said while looking him from top to toe and seemed really satisfied. "Well, thanks," he said a little embarrassed. But then he remembered all of his questions. "Okay I have many questions now. First of all why are we on my family's house?" He asked with a demanding attitude.

"The place where we will be going from now, is more easy to go from here," she answered him calmly.

"And why are you dressed too?"

"I am coming with you. I have some business with Yoko-san and she invited me too. So I was going anyway," she said calmly again. "Business? What business?" Sho asked by narrowing his eyes.

"Are you interested in old Japanese grammatical texts?" Arisa asked with a laugh. He sighed. "Fine. At least I have an accompany now. When it becomes really boring, know who to bug."

Arisa laughed loudly. "Oh no, you don't. I am not staying that much you know. I will leave soon after I got to talk with Yoko-san," she explained while grinning. "Really, how much do you hate from your family reunion?"

Sho sighed loudly. "Not to mention you also hate your own family meetings, right?" He said sarcastically.

"I understand you, believe me. But sometimes you just have to go," she said while putting her hands on his shoulders and dragging him out. Sho sighed tiredly. She was right. Sometimes you just have to go...


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