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Title: Hello, Goodbye, Hello Again
Pairing: Aiba Masaki x Amemiya Mirai (OC)
Rating: General
Genre: Fluff
Multi chaptered.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own anything about Arashi. Only the plot is mine.
Summary: You can never know where fate will hunt you. Aiba Masaki, member of Arashi and a regular member of Shimura Doubutsuen. He always went abroad and he always brought members gifts. Though that presents are always tiger printed t-shirts, he always picked them very seriously. He even got into a fight for a tiger printed t-shirt.
Amemiya Mirai a free-spirited and happy-go-lucky translator. Her biggest passion is for tigers. Where ever she goes she absolutely buys a tiger item. And she event got into a fight for a tiger printed t-shirt.

A/N: Comments are welcomed! English is not my native language so I apologize for my mistakes!!

Aiba looked at the T-shirts with tired but excited eyes. All of them had a unique tiger print on them and he liked all of them. But he was buying presents for members this time, so he had to restrain himself. Lately everybody seemed that they have already know what his presents are. Maybe because he always buys them a tiger printed t-shirt. But when he goes abroad, somehow he always found those tiger t-shirts. He can't help but buy them. They were cute anyways and he did liked them every time he bought. He took four different versions of t-shirts. He was holding them tight when he is looking around. Store seemed big and he wondered how many clothes were in it... He looked some sandals and he looked some shorts. Eventually he got back to where he started, to the tiger printed t-shirt stand. He looked once again and just then he saw a really cool Snow Tiger printed t-shirt which is hanging the near from the stall. He hold out his hand and grabbed the t-shirt. With another person. "Ops, sorry," he said with his cute and unique English while taking the t-shirt for his own. "Nope I am sorry," a girl said with a perfect English while taking t-shirt for her own.

"Oh- I think I found it first... how do you say it in English?" Aiba mumbled in Japanese while smiling and trying to take the t-shirt.

"Japanese?" Girl said in Japanese with a surprised voice. This time looking to his face.

Aiba was more surprised then her and finally he looked to her face too. She was really short girl with a huge rucksack which made her look like a turtle. She had big eyes and round face which seemed really cute. "Japanese?" Aiba repeated it.

"Yes!! Wow! I am so surprised to meet a Japanese person in the middle of Africa!!" For a moment her tension got up but soon she remembered the t-shirt. "By the way, this is mine, I found it first." She said while trying to take the t-shirt.

"No way, I found it first!" Aiba said while trying to take the t-shirt. The t-shirt was really a good choice for MatsuJun and he wasn't willing to give it to her. "Anyways this is a man t-shirt. I should be one to take it!" he said again, trying to make it rational.

"No no no way! I was looking for this t-shirt in whole Africa!" Whole Africa was a bit exaggeration but she really wanted that t-shirt. "And it doesn't matter if it is for a man, it does?"

"It does!" His tension got up and he tried to take it from her more passionately.

Girl frowned but then she started to shout while pointing the exit of the store. "AAAAH-! A LION GOT INTO STORE!!!!"

For a moment of shock Aiba let the t-shirt go and turned to look the exit. Though he saw nothing but some shop keeper looking them surprised. "What lion? There is no lion here..." he said while turning his back to the girl. But there was no girl behind him anymore. He blinked in surprise. The fuck? His eyes searched for her and saw her on the cashier's desk buying his t-shirt. "WHA--!" He run behind her but she hurriedly gave the money and took the t-shirt. "Hey! That was mine!!"

"No way! You left it!" She said, hugging the bag.

"But that's because you made me think that a lion came in to shop!" He protested.

"Are you an idiot? How can a lion came to a store?" she said looking amused. "But anyways, this is mine now!!"

"You cheater!" Aiba pout. He really wanted that t-shirt...

Just then she started to laugh. She was still hugging the bag and her rucksack was still on her back. She laughed like she had never laughed before. Aiba frowned more. Is she making fun with him now? She continued to laugh until tears come out of her eyes. "You are a funny boy! Although I can't remember it clearly I think I saw you somewhere..." She said looking his face closely. "Anyways, this was my win so try harder next time!" She said showing him a peace sign. Then she past him, walking to the exit. She stop for a moment before she exit the shop and waved him saying "Bye bye Safari Boy~!"

A/N: So this is just a prologue and I am not really clear on time line. I couldn't figure it out if Aiba was going Africa for shooting in 2004 or 2005. But I plan of doing the fiction on 2006/2007 which Arashi held its first international tour (Korea, Taiwan, Thailand) so if you find an error please let me know it!! Thank you!!


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