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Title: Thousand Times
Pairing: Sakurai Sho x Koyanagi Arisa (OC)
Rating: General
Genre: Fluff Multi chaptered.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own anything about Arashi. Only the plot is mine.
Summary: Koyanagi Arisa, an elite, a brilliant university professor though her age. She works in Tokyo University Japanese Language Department. She is strong willed and independent woman. At the very same time her family is friendly with Sakurai household for a very long time.
Sakurai Sho, an elite, a brilliant national idol. Works for Johnny's and a member of Arashi. He is strong willed man and he always gets what he wants at the end of the day. Though he still couldn't get her heart even after being together for more than ten years.

A/N: Comments are welcomed! English is not my native language so I apologize for my mistakes!!

Chapter 3 - Worlds most beautiful 'Happy Birthday'

They talked from this and then while they were driving. Sho asked her once that where is the meeting and she told him casually Tokyo Sty tree... Well it is not really unusual thing to be on Tokyo Sky Tree Restaurant for him and his family and actually he liked that restaurant for that great view of Tokyo. But except that Tokyo Sky Tree was really famous spot for every people and Sho really didn't wanted to be seen by people who doesn't know anything about him but being Arashi's Sakurai Sho. It was like he wasn't stressed enough for that stupid family meeting, he was now stressed about being tomorrows gossip magazine. But still he didn't say anything at all.

They got out of the car when they finally arrive to the park area. They went out of the car. Arisa was walking a few steps before him and Sho didn't even tried to catch up with her. He tried to seem like everything is hunky-dory. They got to the elevator without problem and Arisa pushed to the button of restaurants floor.

"Why are you so silent?" Arisa asked finally.

"I don't really like to be on tomorrow's gossip program," he said laughing a little. "No offense."

"Yeah, right. You were a famous person, I forgot," she said apologetically. "At least they won't follow you up to the restaurant, will they?"

"You can never know, Arisa," he said seriously. "They sometimes become really persistent."

Arisa didn't said anything more. Though she knew that his life wasn't easy at all, she was quiet angry with him. At times like this she always remembered that she is so far away from him. They were friends back from junior high. She spent all her life with him. He was the oldest of Sakurai family and she was the only daughter of Koyanagi family. They were almost always together.

They were best friends and they were best rivals. She always lost to him when things come to make people believe. Arisa always admired him. She was really quiet and reserved girl back then before they met. She always hated those people looking her so enviously because of her parents. She always hated those people who are trying to be friends with her just because of her father. She was usually alone, studying on library or reading book on class. Sho was different. He had friends. He even danced with some people on Cultural Festival. Arisa watched him from a far thinking how dazzling he is.

She never thought him failing on being a idol. She congratulated him joining to JE. But deep down she knew that she lost her best friend to JE. Arisa had no choice to aim Todai after that. He was going to a different life and she had to aim something big, something dazzling. When she heard he was going to debut with Arashi she felt both happiness and sadness together. Things went well, time forwarded. Now they were living completely different lives and she noticed that she could never catch up him no matter what she tries. She smiled with sadness.

As the elevator's doors open she quickly left him behind and rushed inside. She heard him calling her name but she didn't reply him. She got into the dark restaurant and meet with the people waiting for him. They were living a really different life but still she had wishes for him.


He thought, he made her angry again when she went out of elevator nearly running, not saying a single thing. "Arisa?" he called behind her surprised. He tried to rush behind her but she was already went missing in the dark restaurant. Why the hell is this restaurant so dark? he thought. "Arisa, its not funny you know," he said going behind her, but not seeing her sight in the dark.

Just then all lights went on. He heard a confetti voice, he felt some papers goes off from his head and he heard so many people saying "Happy Birthday!"

He looked confused. He blinked his eyes for a moment with surprise. Happy birthday? Wait, what? Family reunion? he thought himself. Then looked to the people inside of the room. His family standing in front of him. His mother, father, Mai and Shu, his friends from university and even his friends from high school... He saw their manager and other Arashi members... Literally everybody that he knew was there. Sho's eyes wondered on everybody faces, then he saw Arisa in the corner. She was leaning on a table, smiling to him peacefully. Their eyes met for a second but it was cut because of some of his friends hugging him, congratulating his birthday. Then he lost himself amongst his friends.


Arisa watched him from a far. She was preparing for his birthday for two months and she was happy that it was a success. She sit one of those table where you can see Tokyo's beautiful night view. She had some mutual friends with him too but they were more excited from seeing Sho. She took a glass of red wine but didn't drink it since she had no appetite from the start. Her face twisted for a bit because of her stomach. But she managed to control her face not showing anything. She wasn't going to ruin his birthday for a stupid stomach ulcer.

"May I sit?" She heard someone calling behind her and saw Matsumoto Jun standing with a red wine on his hand.

She smiled and gestured to him. "Please you do not need to ask Matsumoto-san," she said politely.

Matsumoto Jun smiled a bit and sit in front of her. "This is a great party," he said with a charming smile on his face.

Arisa looked behind to see the party. They were eating cake now. "The party is good because of people that came here today, I didn't do anything special."

"You are so humble. I thougth you were the one who organized it on the first place."

"Yes, I was the organizer but you were agreed to come. If you wouldn't agree than I can't be successful, can I?" She said smiling a little.

"You are right on that point," Matsumoto said laughing. Then he saw Nino, Aiba and Ohno coming to their direction.

"For a moment you were with us and now you are with someone else, you are truly a part man Matsumoto-san," Nino said slyly.

"What Nino? Shoul I just hang with some old men for the whole party?" Matsumoto said amused with his words.

"Can we sit too?" Aiba asked Arisa, ignoring the other members.

Arisa laughed a little and said, "Of course." Aiba sit next to him and Nino sit next to MatsuJun. Table was just for four and Ohno had to take a chair from another table. "Leader sits birthday boy place," Nino said laughing hard. Arisa laughed too.

"Wow you are so cute when you laugh!" Aiba said looking excited. Arisa surprised a little.

"I guess thank you," she said smiling to him. She had never met Arashi members although she saw them on stage for many times.

"You seemed so cool because of that Aiba-san thought you were scary," Nino said trying not to laugh.

"Oh... I am so sorry for that impression, I didn't meant to be arrogant..." She apologized bowing her head to members. "I was angry with him, I am ashamed that I showed something so unpleasant  to you."

"No need to worry," Ohno said finally on that night. "He was rejecting to come here and he was nearly ruining his own party, won't he?"

"He can be very stubborn sometimes, we all know," Matsumoto assured her with a smile.

Arisa laughed a little. "He is more stubborn than this but I believe he doesn't show you guys. I was prepared for a more intense fight," she laughed again.

"You two were childhood friends right? When were you met with each other?" Aiba asked curiously.

"Our fathers were friends from high school. And they were moved next to us when we were junior high," she explained. "We were together on high school but I went to Tokyo University, he went to Keio."

"Woah- You are together like, forever!" Nino said surprised. "And how come we had no idea about you?"

"I think he doesn't like to talk about me very much," she laughed. "Although I can't say that I am a 'fan' I came to your concerts for many times. You guys really do good concerts."

"Thank you very much," said Matsumoto proudly. Arisa looked to him and laughed a little. Then they saw Sho coming over them. He had a big smile on his face.

"Do you have a favorite?" Nino asked just as Sho arrived near them. "But we can't win against Sho-chan, can we?" he added slyly looking to Sho's face.

Arisa laughed loudly. "I don't really know you guys for having a favorite one of you... But well, I like your solo songs quiet a lot Ninomiya-san," she said smiling a little.

"Yosh!!" Nino said doing guts pose. "I won, Sho-chan!" he said laughing to him.

"Yes, yes, you win," Sho said rolling his eyes. He had no interest on who she likes as long as it wasn't Matsumoto. He was watching from a far when Matsumoto approached to her. He tried to go near them but his friends wouldn't let him go. He actually didn't really like leaving Arisa alone but when he noticed she was sitting quiet far away from him. When he could finally go near them, he heard them talking about a favorite and he couldn't say that he like that topic. She sometimes came to their concerts. He knew it since she always contacted him before. But you can clearly see that she is not a fan since she never holds out uchiwa or something. She just come, watch and leaved. She never talked about concerts except that the mails she always sends him after concerts. They were just simple good job mails but he always felt that it was a good job after that mails.

It was the first time that she actually talks about their concerts. "You guys have really high quality on your concerts," Arisa said sincerely. "I don't really have an interest on these things but I believe you guys have a great director."

All eyes turned to Matsumoto for a moment. "Matsumoto-san is the one who produces them," Aiba said smiling with proud on his face.

Arisa looked to him surprised. "I thought idols don't produce their concetrs. But apparently I was wrong."

Matsumoto Jun looked to her smiling a little. He figured that she was actually quiet his type. "Thank you very much Koyanagi-san," he said to her.

"So what are you doing?" Nino asked. "I know you are a teacher on Todai but what exactly you teach?"

"Well basically we are researching old Japanese texts and making their transcriptions. Finding them, reading them, publishing them and making them understandable for all Japanese people. Also we are doing old grammatical researches and putting them together, so that the history of Japanese language history can be monitored," she explained her job in the easiest way she could.

"So basically you do a lot of works, right?" Ohno said looking clueless.

Arisa laughed a little. "Yes, basically I do a lot of things."

Night continued like that. Arisa watched Sho from a far and Arashi members continued to sit for a while with her too. All of the guests left the party one by one before 03.00 am on the morning. In the end only Arisa and Sho were left to remain.

When Sho can finally be alone with her, he sat next to her. They were looking through the window, to the beautiful night view of Tokyo. Arisa didn't say anything. She felt his gaze on her face but continued to look thorough the window. "They said that you were the organizer of this party," he said.

"Yup," she said not looking to him at all. "And you were nearly destroying your own party." She laughed a bit.

"I am sorry about that," he said apologetically. Finally she turned her head and faced with Sho. She paused a little and smiled. Sho thought that he haven't been able to see this smile on her face for so long. "Happy birthday," she said. Her eyes were glittering in the darkness. Sho's heart was beating fast, and he felt that the most beautiful birthday was finally completed.

A/N: Phew! It sure was long! I am finally happy that I finished it finally! I will be updating this. I have 3 more episodes written on paper. Wait for it!


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