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Title: Magic
Pairing: Ninomiya Kazunari x Aoyama Misaki (OC)
Rating: General
Genre: Fluff
Multi chapter.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own anything about Arashi. Only the plot is mine.
Summary: After a tiring day, what makes him relaxed? A beer and a smile. He wasn't aware of anything, when he went to the bar named Hanafuya. The first time he met the owner, unconsciously he knew that nothing will be the same.

A/N: Comments are welcomed! English is not my native language so I apologize for my mistakes!!

Nino opened the door and went inside. He was faced down with the floor but not because of the fear of being seen. He is someone who hardly ever goes out so he wasn't really worried about making a fuss. Even when he was drinking outside, he was hardly ever noticed despite being famous. He was actually quiet grateful for that.

The little bar was unexpectedly noisy. He didn't think that a bar of that size can have so many people in it. His surprise was short lived. He got inside and sat down to the chair in front of the bar counter. He immediately take out his trumps from his pocket and started to shuffle them while he was waiting for order. It became something like habit after so many years of doing trumps. It was quiet amusing though. Then he heard a soft voice.

"Are you a magician?"

He was actually quiet accustomed to that question. Whenever someone saw him while shuffling his trumps, they always ask this question to him. Despite being a member of top idol group Arashi, his trumps were taking more interest.

He looked up and his eyes meet with the person who asked the question. He was surprised. There was a literally normal girl smiling behind the bar. He looked her face for a second and then turned his eyes to the trumps again. "Yeah, something like that," he said with a normal voice.

"Oh, I understand," she said with a soft voice. "This days must be hard for a magician. May I have your order?"

"Ah- Oh! It's not that bad actually. Well, one beer for now," he said not looking into her eyes.

She didn't say anything but Nino heard her giggle. He slowly raised his head but she was already gone. He was quiet accustomed to people who thinks he is a magician but for the first time he was surprised. He looked the girl behind the bar's counter. At first glimpse she had nothing special at all. She wasn't tall and there wasn't any special feature that takes his attention. She had brown hair, probably short length, which was made a strict ponytail. But her movements behind the counter was really swift. Her hands were working knowingly and quickly.

Customers were the ones that takes his attention most. Every customer were acting like they know her for a quiet while. And she was smiling. Not with amusement or not fake. She was smiling peacefully. It is probably this smile that makes people come here, Nino thought. Then he heard someone tell her name while ordering. "Misaki-chaaan~ One more bottle here pleasee~"

Then she giggled again. "Right away Ohara-san~" Then she turn to counter again and took Nino's order and come in front of him. While she was saying "Here is your beer," she placed a plate of takoyaki too.

Nino looked at her confused. "Umm... I didn't order this..?"

"Oh, that's from me. I thought you might be hungry. Since this is your first time coming here, somehow I wanted you to feel at home," she said with her reassuring smile. Nino was still confused and tried to refuse the plate but the salary men which is sitting next to him stopped Nino.

"Oi ni-chan, accept it. Misaki-chan always does these thing for first comers and it ridiculously delicious. You will regret if you don't eat it."

"Then... I accept it but let me pay it."

"Its really ok. I hope you come again here~" she said with her smile and turn away from him. She went back again and started to prepare another order.

Nino sat there confused. It was his first time that he encounter someone like her or somewhere like this place. He tried takoyaki. It was really delicious and he realized he was hungry more than he thought. That night's Nino-san were really took a lot of time then he liked. He was tired and haven't eat for a long while. He looked gratefully to the girl behind the counter but she was busy with preparing orders so she didn't saw it.

He sat there quiet long. He drink beer forgetting that he came there with his own car and there is no one around to send him home. But he was feeling absolutely comfortable so he let his guard down and drank with all his want.Thats why He wasn't sure how long he sit there but when he noticed, he saw the most of customers went home. Some of them were still sitting, one of them were sleeping on the table soundly. Nino's eyes searched for the girl and he found her wiping one of the tables. He looked his watch then decide to take his leave. He cleared his throat and called for the girl. "Um... Excuse me? Can I have the bill, please?"

She smiled and left for the bill. Nino take out his wallet and waited for the girl. It didn't took long for the girl to come back with his bill. She hold out the bill and Nino take it. It was only a moment that their hands touched. Her hands were warm but he didn't say anything nor made a move. He is a brilliant actor and he really had no interest to break it.

He pay the bill and stood from his chair. Somehow he drank so much that for a moment he need to stand still and confirm the way. That moment he felt someones hand on his arm.

"Are you alright?" she asked with her soft voice. "You drank quiet a lot."

"Ah... It seems so," he mumbled.

"If you want, I can call taxi." Her voice was echoing his head. Damn, I drank too much, he thought.

"If its not too much trouble, please do so," he said.

She giggled again and guided Nino to a chair. Then left for phone. While waiting for taxi Nino rub his eyes. "Ok, I called the taxi. It will be here in 15 minutes," her voice was stable and peaceful. He looked up and then bowed.

"Thank you very much."

"May I sit?" With this sudden question, Nino was quiet surprised.

"Why?" he asked.

"Well, It's not every time that national idol comes here and drinks here. Please do not worry, I won't ask for your autograph or something like that," her smile wasn't changed at all but Nino was literally shocked.

"So you did know me?"

"Well... Yes. I think. I don't have much time to watch TV but I listen your radio quiet a lot."



"Then why didn't you said anything? And most importantly why did you ask me that I am a magician?"

"One time, what was that... That program you went as quest. My father watched that programe a lot and I saw you in there saying that when you go to a bar, they always ask you if you a magician and you always go along with that thing. I was really laughed a lot when you told it. It was the first thing that came into my mind when I noticed you." Misaki smiled a little remebering her father. That was the only time that she watched anything with her father. It was the first and last. There was no way she could even forget his words on that program or her father's last words after that program. But there was no way of telling this to him so she sat there quietly, smiling a little, waiting for him to regrain from shock. She actually didn't meant to surprise him. She actually decided that she will keep his visit as a secret that only hers. But a urge that she couldn't stop, made her speak with him. Maybe she just wanted to hear his voice. Maybe she just thank him silently for that time. He saved her and her father both simply smiling on TV. There was no way she could forget about him. 

Nino listened with a shocked expression on his face. It's true that he talked something like that on a TV show. He doesn't really remember though when was it but he really did talked. Because of the shock, all of the effect of alcohol left his head.

"Then that takoyaki..?"

"Oh! That was really first timer bonus. This place is really small and really out of the way so people won't come here if they don't like the atmosphere. So, if you liked it please come again," she looked him with a bright smile.

"So... Are you a fan of Arashi?"

"Not really... I do know some of your songs but not a member of fanclub or something like that."

"Wow..." He couldn't speak more. Then she looked her watch and smiled.

"Well then, your taxi probably be here any minute. If you liked here please come again. I will be very happy to serve you another takoyaki plate~" Then she stood up from the chair and head to the counter. Nino looked behind her. Then stood up slowly and left the bar.

He probably won't come again. Probably.

A/N: The program that Nino talked about him being misunderstood as a magician is Osareism 2011.04.10 when he went to promote GANTZ movie, if anyone's wondering :3


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