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Title: Magic
Pairing: Ninomiya Kazunari x Aoyama Misaki (OC)
Rating: General
Genre: Fluff
Multi chapter.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own anything about Arashi. Only the plot is mine.
Summary: After a tiring day, what makes him relaxed? A beer and a smile. He wasn't aware of anything, when he went to the bar named Hanafuya. The first time he met the owner, unconsciously he knew that nothing will be the same.

A/N: Comments are welcomed! English is not my native language so I apologize for my mistakes!!

Next day he woke up without headache. It was probably due to last nights shock but Nino didn't wanted to think about last night at all. He was recognized and he was drunk. If that girl were to talk about it, it would become quiet mess. Even though she didn't seem someone like that, he wasn't sure of it. She told it herself that the place is small and out of way. If she talks about Nino's visit she can at least get some more customers. Some crazy fans would probably go there just to see how is the place that Ninomiya Kazunari goes. He exhaled with a great tiredness. Yes, he was really tired. Lately he was busy with a lot of things and he just wanted to relax and drink some beer but that also became one of the source of his tiredness. He slowly get up from his bed and made his way to the kitchen, seeking for water.

He found a glass and filled it with water but that was when he remembered something really important. He had left his car near that bar. "Why the hell did I even took my own car there?" he cursed under his breath. He looked the watch which was staying the counter on the kitchen. It was 06:30 am. At least, he thought, I won't meet the girl.

He went to his bedroom and changed his home wear clothes into something more normal. A blue jean and a white t-shirt which was he was wearing quiet a lot. He put his yellow and green hat and called for a taxi. At least he remembered where the bar was. While he was sitting on back of taxi he was still doing trumps. Somehow he can't really give up this things. His hands stopped for a moment and he recalled last night. That takoyaki was really delicious... He closed his eyes for a moment and rested his head on the back of seat. It's not like he was freaking out but he was still worried about what could happen...

Then the taxi stopped, he paid the money and get off. Unlike the image of him liking money more than anything he can actually spend money. He was just opposed to the idea that if you have money you should spend all of it. He was spending it while thinking about it, thats all. If he don't really have to spend money for something, he don't spend it at all.

His steps lead him in the street and finally to the last nights bar. He looked up and read the name of the bar. Hanafuya..? He couldn't give a meaning to it but didn't really thought about it. He lowered his head again and just then he saw the girl, who is wiping the windows of the bar. Surprised, he looked the girl. It was 7 in the morning. Were she opening the bar on this hour? He tried to remember the time he got back to his house but he couldn't clearly remember the exact time. Still it's freaking early to open a bar in this hour. Just then the girl turned her head to him. It was probably because of she felt his eyes on her back. For a moment she looked surprised but after that she smiled warmly and bowed her head to him. Reflexively he bowed her too. Just as he thought that she would go back inside, she came closer to him and said, "Good morning."

He was surprised and he couldn't really knew how to respond. Instead of saying something, he replied her with same sentence. "Um... Good morning."

"Please forgive my rudeness for speaking to you this way, I was worried about you last night that you went back safely or not..." She said it with fully well mannered. Nino surprised that she was speaking to him like this.

"Um... It's ok. I was just left my car here so I came back to take it," he answered while pointing his car.

"Oh, so that was your car... I was wondering whose car is that. Because I haven't seen it around here until now. Oh, I am sorry speaking my own mind," She didn't seemed like bad person at all. And she didn't seemed like she called paparazzi.

"It's ok..." He said it while looking her face carefully. "Um... I am sorry for asking this suddenly but why?"

She looked confused. "What is why?"

"You didn't seemed like you called paparazzi at all."

"And why should I do that?"

"Didn't you said it yourself last night? That the place is really out of place and people won't come here easily..."

"And why again I should call paparazzi for that?" She looked really confused. Then she understand what he was talking about. "Wait a minute... So you are saying me to sell you for getting more customers?"

He didn't said anything but looked away. Then he heard her laugh. He looked her again with surprised eyes. "No, no. I will never do that, you know. I want everybody that comes to this place, can feel at ease. And no I won't sell you over." Her eyes were teary somehow. She smiled again to him. "How about a breakfast?"

He looked her with confusion on his face. He really couldn't hide it despite being a hollywood star. "Don't worry, there isn't any customers right now." He actually thought to refuse. But it was impossible after his stomach growled loudly. "I think this means yes?" she asked while her smile deepened.

Nino tried to stay calm but his still face twisted a bit. "I can not stay long," he said.

"It's alright," she said and turned to go inside the bar.

Nino followed her. The bar was in the first floor after you go down the stairs. There wasn't a lot of stairs but still it was long enough to hide inside. The bar was quiet and like she said there isn't anyone in there. Some of the lights were turned off and only the counter seemed bright. She quickly went the back of counter and started to make somethings quickly. Her hands were moving swiftly like yesterday. Nino followed her and sat to the middle of the counter. He couldn't help but compare her to yesterday. Actually there is nothing different from yesterday. Its just that her hair seemed loose. "Why did you open the bar this early?" he asked finally.

She looked to him for a moment and smiled before she continue to her work. "I don't open the bar this early but close it. Hanafuya works from evening 19.00 pm to morning 08.00 am," she told him.

He surprised. "Wow. Its quiet long..."

"I have nothing to do better," she said simply. But just then a boy came running from stairs. He was really short boy but he was quiet handsome. He was definetly younger than her. The boy came to the counter and called for her. "I am going now, do you have anything you want from me when I get back?" He was asking this with very cute way but Nino frowned. So she likes younger boys, he thought himself, somehow irritated. "There is nothing I want," she said, smiling cutely. "Go safely." After this the boy run out of the bar and they were alone once again.

"Do you run this place alone?" he asked just to distribute the silence.

"For the first 3 years I was alone but lately I am living with my brother so he helps me from time to time. Oh he was my brother you saw just now," she said with her normal voice. He gave a relieved breath. She was scrambling some eggs and fring them on a pan. She was quick. Just then she put some plates before him and finished cooking eggs.

"Please go ahead," she said and she took apron away.

Nino took a wooden disposable chopsticks and started to eat. He have thought that she is good at cooking from last nights takoyaki, but now he was sure she is good at cooking. Of course she would be good at cooking, she owns a bar, he thought himself. "Its really delicious," he said while eating a bunch.

She giggled again but said nothing to him. They haven't talked to each other until Nino finished his meal. She was washing the dishes with silence. "Thanks for the meal," Nino said trying to catch her attention. She looked at him and cut the water while drying her hands on a towel. She headed to his direction. "I hope you like the meal," she said smiling like always.

"I liked it, thank you. How much is it?" he asked taking out his purse.

She looked at him surprised. "Oh, I don't need money. I made all of it from the left overs. I am sorry to make you eat something like that."

"Eh? But still it was delicious," he told her surprised. "Is it really matter that you made from left overs?"

"Yes, it matters for me," she said. "Then how about this, when you have time come to this place again and I will take the payment then?"

He looked to her confused. He shouldn't go there again. He must not. But he wanted to go there again. Again and again. He smiled then answered. "Then lets do that."


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